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Catalina Island's
18 Hole Award Winning
Miniature Golf Course
10 Island Plaza
P.O. Box 212
Avalon, CA  90704
(310) 510-1200
Golf Gardens award winning miniature golf course on Santa Catalina Island

See Photo Gallery Below.

Located 1/2 block from the beach at the Island Plaza, this award-winning 18-hole miniature golf course opened in 1973, and is situated in 1 acre of beautiful gardens.

Just a half block from the beach, Golf Gardens is internationally known as one of the world's most challenging and beautiful 18-hole miniature golf courses.   The course is nestled in a beautiful garden setting.  Unlike many miniature golf courses, there are not a lot of gimmicks, "just a good dose of ingenious challenges to the use of kinetic energy."  "A very well designed miniature golf course."  It's a GREAT FUN course for both adults and children alike!

There is a variety in elevation. The course features "a loop-the-loop hole, a banked turn, a square spiral, and some very tricky uphill shots."  Children "will be fascinated by the numerous tunneled shortcuts that lead balls in unexpected directions."

Golf Gardens is open every day, weather permitting.  Hours vary.  It is also open evenings during the summer. 

Par is 51.  The official course record is 41. 

Prices: $7.00 Adult
     $4.00 Child - Ages 8 and Under


Golf Gardens

Golf Gardens, Catalina Island

Golf Gardens, Avalon, CA
Infamous 7th Hole. 
Concentric Maze.  Par 6.
Miniature Golf, Catalina Island
Second view of Hole. 
Concentric Maze.  Par 6.

Miniataure Golf, Avalon
9th hole.  A very straight shot can give you a hole-in-one or an easy two.

Miniature Golf, Avalon, Catalina Island
10th hole. Multilevel.  Partial view. Depending which hole you shoot the ball into (there are 4 holes in this picture, 3 of which are visible), will determine which level you go to next.  Further view below on the bottom row.  Par 3.
Miniature Golf, Avalon, California
The 12th hole in the background.  One of the most challenging due to uphill slope.  Par 4.

Part of 11th hole in the foreground.  Par 3.
Miniature Golf, Catalina Island, California
13th hole.  Multi-level, but a hole in one is possible.  Par 2.

Golf Gardens, Miniature Golf, Avalon, CA

Catalina Island Miniature Golf
2nd Hole -Multilevel.  Par 3.

Golf Gardens, Catalina Island

10th hole.  Another multi-level hole.  Depending where you hit the ball, you can end up on different levels before you get to the level where the final hole is located.

Catalina Island, California, Miniature Golf
17th Hole to the left and 18th to the right.   Two of the easier holes.  Par 2 and Par 1 respectively.

Course Guidelines

1. At each hole, after every player hits their first ball, each player should hit their ball through to completion of the hole before the next player takes his or her turn.

2. MAXIMUM strokes per hole is 3 times PAR.

3. If the ball leaves the carpet green, it must be returned to the green at the point of departure.  PENALTY is one stroke.

4. If the ball rests against the curb, it may be moved in 6 inches.

5. Players ball shall be played or lifted out of the way upon request of another player.

6. If your ball is hit by another ball, your ball may take the new or the old position.

7. It is strictly against the rules to play anywhere except on the carpet green.

8. Holes may not be replayed.

9. Players not wishing to hurry their game must allow players behind them to play through and proceed ahead of them.


Linkaway Golf

Catalina Passenger Service - Newport Beach, CA

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