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Balboa Pavilion Wildlife, Animals, Birds, Fish and Sea Mammals.

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Pavilion Birds -Snowly Egret, Great Egret, Blue Hering, Black Crowned Night Heron, Brown Pelican, Western Gull

Sampling of Pavilion birds - Above Left to Right: Snowy Egrets, Blue Heron, Black Crowned Night Heron, Brown Pelican, Western Gull.

Birds_White_Pelican_Snowy Egret

Left to Right: Snowy Egret, Pelican, and Heerman's gull.


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The saying "Birds of a feather flock together" does not seem to fit at the Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach.  At the Pavilion, birds of different feathers hang out together!  The supply of fish in the bay and the fishing boats, bait tanks, and a high roof draws some birds out of their flocks to make their home with a variety of other types of birds in this small, intimate ecosystem ("melting pot").  The best bird watching is in the spring and early summer.
Rupert the Black Swan

Newport Beach's most famous bird, "Rupert" the Black Swan makes occasional appearances at the Balboa Pavilion.

Pavilion Bird Black Crowned Night Heron

Black Crowned Night Heron

Pavilion Bird - Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Balboa Pavillion Birds - Great Egret

Great Egret

Bird - Unidentified

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron
(Still speckled - compare with adult above)

Pavilion Bird - Western Gull

Western Gull

Balboa Pavillion Birds - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Pavilion Bird - Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Crow at Pavillion

Crows sometimes visit the Pavilion docks.

Pavilion Birds - Forsters_Tern

Terns - Though they don't park at the Pavilion, they are frequently flying overhead nearby looking to swoop down on small fish as shown in the photograph to the right.

Forsters Tern

Tern caught a small fish.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

"A wonderful bird
is the pelican;
his beak can hold more
than his belly can."

Sea Pigeon

"Pavilion" Pigeons

Sea Pigeon

Unusual white colored pigeon.


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Sea Lion at Dock

Sea Lions frequent the Balboa Pavilion in Newport Harbor in Newport Beach.

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The best place to view the crabs is on the west side of the building, adjacent to the dock where the "Pavilion Paddy" harbor cruise boat docks.

Crab at Pavillion

Crab feeding on a fish head.

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This is a new web page.  More wildlife photos to come will include ducks, other sea birds, and other animals.

Note: In the bay under and adjacent to the Pavilion docks reside an abundance of underwater marine life: Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Spotted Bass, Croaker, Flounder, Perch, Barracuda, Smelt, Bat Rays,
Sardines, Anchovies, and other underwater fish and sea life.  Throw a dead fish head off the Pavillion dock, and you may see hundreds or thousands of smaller fish scavange until, eventually, the fish head is nothing but bones. 

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